Coaching Approach.

In today’s times there is still a negative stigma surrounding psychology, and many people who struggle through life will opt not to see a therapist. I have also realised that adults and teenagers are more comfortable with seeking help from a coach. Coaching lends itself more to working through current obstacles in our lives through practical solutions and developing methods which are effective and easy to implement.

Once completing my BA in Health Services and Social Sciences, I then completed my BA Honours Psychology in psychological counselling. I have opted to combine the Cognitive Behavioural approach and life coaching, as this seems to be the most logical step forward in reaching more people in order to develop individual potential. In order to belong to a reputable society, which is internationally recognised, I am registered as an affiliated member of the International Society of Coaching Psychology.

Every person has the ability to reach their full potential. At times in life people may lack the skills on what to do next. Life skills learnt in coaching will carry us on our path to achieve success. This firm belief has taken me on the path of study in Cognitive Behavioural Theory. Cognitive Behaviour theory provides many valuable skills which aid in questioning and modifying faulty belief systems, which may render a person "stuck". Modifying personal thought patterns and hence behavioural responses, provides us with new perspectives to situations which may have been previously self-limiting. Our frame of mind and our perspectives influence every aspect of our lives.

My motivation is to see the results that people achieve and the joy of a person that believes in them self and attains the goals they have chosen for themselves. There are no limits to self-actualisation.

I believe, Effective Communication is key to every successful relationship (be this personal or professional).

Positive minds attain positive results!

What is Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching?

Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching (CBC) is not as complicated as it may sound. It is an effective coaching approach, based on evidence based psychological models.

CBC helps in identifying personal self-defeating behaviours and thoughts, which are destructive to our self identity and prevent us from attaining the life we want and deserve to live.

Negative thoughts lead to negative feelings and results in negative behavioural outcomes. By challenging negative thoughts and self-talk, there can be a change in the negatively orientated feelings and perspectives to daily situations and challenges.

We are faced with challenges daily which may break us down if we do not have the skills to address them. These skills help us to be productive and successful individuals, so that the stress of life does not break us down, but rather drives us towards our goals. Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching can help us develop these vital life skills.

Skills which CBC teaches us can help individuals address lack of confidence, daily stress, and communication skills, finding meaning in life, setting goals and attaining success.

Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching
aims to help the client to identify their perspective on where the client is now, and to explore what is stopping them from reaching their potential. In order to take charge of their life, the client explores their thinking patterns in order to discover alternative ways of thinking which are more productive and conducive to reaching their personal and professional goals.

Our thoughts control our feelings, and our feelings control our actions.

Positive mind, Positive feelings, Positive life!

Are you ready to learn how to turn your life around?