CBC for Teenagers.

During the teenage years we develop our sense of self. We aim to discover our identity and what we believe in. Teenage years bring about challenges by the physical changes our bodies’ experience. Teenagers are also faced with the emotional rollercoaster hormonal changes introduce into their lives. Added to this life stage are the modern day stressors and pressure to excel at school and socially.

Some teenagers excel during this period of transition, while others experience this time as emotionally overwhelming.

Parents may not always be able to relate to their teenage children, and communication becomes strained, leaving the child with a sense of isolation and not being understood.

As a Cognitive-Behavioural Coach I introduce life skills which facilitate the exploration in identifying emotions and the thought patterns which create our feelings. Identifying our perspectives and our behaviours enables us to then work on modifying our sense of self, and aids in setting goals for the future.

Challenges teenagers may face include:

    • Self-esteem
    • Anxiety / Depression
    • Exam stress
    • Bullying