Mediation Costs

The hourly rate for a mediation session is normally shared equally by both parties.

Rates are based on a sliding scale in order to ensure fairness and affordability.

The first session is booked as a two hour (2 hour) session. The subsequent sessions will be booked hourly unless otherwise stipulated. The more active and willing both parties participate, the quicker issues will be discussed and resolved.

Charges for all time spent on the mediation preparation by the mediator are typically kept by a tenth of an hour rate. This includes telephone calls; emails; preparation and review of documentation supplied by parties.

The Parenting Plan Agreement will be at an additional charge.

Fees are payable 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. Cancellations made without 48 hours notice will be charged in full at an hour’s rate.

For more information on the rate structure please feel free to contact me.