Preparation for Mediation

Parties who have decided to take control of the process will need to follow these steps:

    3. Contact me with both forms complete to set date and time convenient for both parties and mediator.
    4. For the first session bring all background information which may be relevant to the mediation or which you feel you would like to discuss in mediation.
  • 4.a. This may include financials such as expenses and earnings to determine fair maintenance for the child.
  • 4.b. Any existing maintenance orders in place.
  • 4.c. Divorce order or court documents with bearing on the case.
  • 4.d. Daily living costs.
  • 4.e. Reports from counsellors or therapist with regards to the child.
    5. During the first meeting the mediation process will be further explained, and parties requirements from the mediation will be addressed through setting the agenda and way forward.