Tania Lara Bocher

BA Health Sciences and Social Services & BA Honours Psychology (Counselling)
Accredited Family and Divorce Mediator

Dear Co-Parent

During this time of world chaos over COVID-19, parents sharing residency of children are feeling extra stress during the Lockdown period. Parents not being able to have their exchanges and maintaining their routine time-sharing schedule of their children are frustrated and feel like their parental rights and responsibilities have been violated. This situation in itself is leading to even the most amicable of co-parents experiencing tension and possible conflict.

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Family Mediator

Family Mediation allows for post-divorce or separated parents to communicate about co-parenting arrangements, which need to be addressed to take care of the child’s best interests.

Even the most amicable separations need a plan for future co-parenting. Putting your children’s best interests first, no matter how much you may dislike their other parent, is the key to co-parenting.

The most successful parenting plans are those in which both parents participate, in order to have a voice in the decisions about their children’s lives. A family mediator works with the parents to facilitate the necessary communication in an amicable manner.

Mediation is a process for handling conflict in which the parties voluntarily meet with a trained, impartial mediator to resolve their dispute. It is a voluntary process which allows for a Parenting Plan Agreement to be compiled. This agreement may then be submitted to be made an Order of the Court.

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CBC Coach

Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching (CBC) is not as complicated as it may sound. It is an effective coaching approach, based on evidence based psychological models.

CBC helps in identifying personal self-defeating behaviours and thoughts, which are destructive to our self identity and prevent us from attaining the life we want and deserve to live.

Negative thoughts lead to negative feelings and results in negative behavioural outcomes. By challenging negative thoughts and self-talk, there can be a change in the negatively orientated feelings and perspectives to daily situations and challenges.

We are faced with challenges daily which may break us down if we do not have the skills to address them. These skills help us to be productive and successful individuals, so that the stress of life does not break us down, but rather drives us towards our goals. Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching can help us develop these vital life skills.

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