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Teachers are often the first to identify when a child is taking strain. Children may confide in a teacher that they feeling emotionally overwhelmed or when the child is experiencing personal challenges at home or socially at school. These experiences usually translate into behaviour that demonstrates the child’s disease within themselves or is verbally communicated to an adult, but most often to a friend. Challenges may include exam stress or pressure to excel in sports or cultural activities.

Talks at schools may be presented to teachers on identifying children in distress, who may be experiencing:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Abuse
  • Bullying

At times out of concern for the emotional wellbeing of students, schools become frustrated by the lack of parental involvement or the strained relationships between students and their parents.

In this respect parents may be addressed, with or without students present, on the following topics:

  • Identifying factors of Anxiety and Depression in children/teen
  • Effective communication between parent and child/teen
  • Supportive role of the family for Exam preparation and stress

Children and Adolescents are often lacking the ability to emotionally cope with the transitions which student life presents. In this respect I offer group talks on the following topics:

  • Exam stress and Preparation
  • Bullying (At school & abuse
  • Speak out (Emotional & Physical Abuse)
  • Finding help (Anxiety & Depression)

Requests for tailor-made topics to address individual school’s concerns are also welcome.

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