Goal Setting

  • General   •   18 March 2019

Goal setting is a crucial step in attaining success in all areas of life.

Being able to go about setting goals in an organised manner is the first step in reaching our potential. Goals should be broken down into manageable parts in
order to be able to access our progress.

Smaller goals along our path to a final goal need to be celebrated along the way.

We can view our progress much in the same manner as looking up to the goal on the top of a staircase. If we skip steps (smaller goals along the way), we may stumble and fall, and be set back in our progress.

Be very clear in what you want to achieve. Break the goal down into smaller steps.

How will you know when you have achieved your goal? What will you be doing at the time? What will others notice you doing? What will be different? What will you have started or be doing regularly? What will you have stopped or be doing less of?

Ensure your goals are not too high. Don’t set yourself up to fail! Consider setting smaller goals on your way to the main goal. Celebrate your success along the way. If you don’t achieve what you set out to do, then ask yourself what you could do differently that would make it more likely to succeed next time?

Is the goal relevant to my needs? Is it a realistic goal which is attainable with planning? Is it achievable with the resources I have? Are there any other resources you need before you can, or which will aid you, achieve your goal? How can you access these resources? What challenges might you encounter? How can you go about addressing these challenges?

Set a reasonable time frame or limit to achieve your goal. 1 week, 1 month, 6months, 1 year, 2 years or 5 years? Consider smaller time frames for smaller goals on your path up the stairs to your goal.